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Legal Hiring Template Package

Make sure your contract terms are clear when you are hiring people for your business. 

The Legal Hiring Template Pack provides the necessary information and contract templates to help you start your new hires on the right foot.  

Part 1 - This part helps you determine whether you are hiring a contractor or an employee. This is important for legal purposes including tax, liability and creation of intellectual property.  

Part 2 - This part helps you ask the right questions and set the proper expectations and terms for hiring contractors for your business.

Part 3 - This part helps you understand your legal obligations in terms of hiring employees in your business including employment standards, human rights, workers compensation and occupational health and safety.  

Part 4 - This part helps you understand the WHY and WHEN behind non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and how you can use them to protect the confidential and proprietary information in your business.

Checklists and Templates Included:  
- Contractor Hiring Questions Checklist  
- Contractor Agreement Templates (2) - one is general and one is specific for Trainers  
- Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement (see Part 4 for more information on NDAs)  
- Virtual Assistant Hiring Checklist  
- Virtual Assistant Agreement Template  
- Employment Contract Template
- Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") Template
- One-Way NDA Template (Employees)
- One Way NDA Template (Contractors)
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